Mahmut Altun
We consider ourselves lucky because we found the best dog trainer! Anthony is great at his work! The price for training is affordable and we are happy with results! We highly recommend Anthony!
Tyrone W.
We took our 5 month German shepherd to Anthony for training. We didn't know where to start . We recently went to another trainer, but he didn't meet the needs we wanted. Anthony's experience is what we needed. Not only did he teach a difficult dog with anxiety commands. He was able to teach us how to continue the work. We look forward to using him for board and care in the near future. We appreciate the time and dedication he took with our family and dog.
Stephanie H.
If we could give 10 stars we would. Anthony is AWESOME and his training WORKS. My husband and I brought him our 9-1/2month puppy who had really bad anxiety around people and would bark and lunge at them. We would get anxious before taking him on walks and we were nervous every time we would have people over. We saw results after our FIRST session and after our second training it was a night and day difference. We previously had spent 3 months with a different trainer and saw very little results. Again his training WORKS. We have gone through 5 lessons now and our puppy is a different dog. He listens to us when we give him commands, we can actually take him on walks now without him going ballistic, and we know how to train him properly when people come over to help him get over his anxiety in the home. Part of dog training is training the trainer, Anthony trained us how to act and give commands so we weren't confusing our dog. Something else we really appreciate is his honesty. He could have charged us more to board and train our dog but after we explained what was going on and he evaluated our dog he told us he wouldn't need to board him we could do in person lessons and that would be enough (he saved US money). We HIGHLY recommend powerhouse K9 and can't thank Anthony enough for his help.
Daniel Ruiz
Powerhouse K9 has been a god send. My 5mo cattle dog, lovable, but had such a wild side. The three weeks he spent with Anthony, at the powerhouse K9 boot camp, totally changed my pup’s demeanor, for the better! But the real icing on the cake, is that Anthony shows you everything he works on with your dog, in a very easy to learn routine. I practice with my dog every day, and it’s fairly simple. If you want your dog to truly be a member of the family, powerhouse K9 will instill a solid foundation of obedience. The rest is up to you. Thanks Anthony!
Britnie Stuward
Anthony was great with Ziggy, my 1.5 year old GSD. He had a problem with dog aggression on the leash. Anthony was able to identify that it was actually his fearfulness of other dogs and spent his 3 week stay on obedience and socialization skills. He has a journey ahead of him but he is 100 times better than he started. I would recommend Anthony to anyone needing training that is effective and affordable.
cynthia b.
I have been fostering dogs for the past 10 years, and decided to adopt my latest foster which is a 4 year old Samoyed rescued from the meat market in China. She's got an amazing temperament inside the house but once we got outside she wants to lead and pull on the leash and lunge and bark at other dogs that walk by. I tried watching lots of YouTube videos and got tips from friends and even used my clicker training skills that I've accumulated over the years and nothing seemed to get her to behave appropriately on the leash and get her to learn how to heel. I called a handful of other Bay Area dog trainers and thought of boarding her at a doggy boot camp since it appeared that I just didn't have the skills to train her properly. Once I got on a call with Anthony and he convinced me to come out to Vacaville to his new training property to give me a few lessons, it all clicked. Not only was the equipment I was using to train her not appropriate for her skills building, but even if I bought the right collar and leash, without the proper guidance from a trained professional, I wouldn't have been using the tools the correct way. I highly recommend Anthony if you're having issues with your dog: - pulling on the leash while walking - barking at other dogs while walking - basic obedience training (sit, stay, leave it, come, etc.) - separation anxiety Now that I have the proper leash and collar to train my dog with, I've been using the tips that Anthony provided and within 2 days she's walking better by my side and now that I have better communication and control with her, she's not as anxious and doesn't bark at every dog walking near us. If it wasn't for Anthony, I would have probably given up on myself, and brought my dog to a $4k facility in where they would have boarded up my dog and trained her for 4-5 weeks. It's a shame that some of these places don't even ask the proper questions to assess whether my dog actually needed to go to a doggie boot camp. Anthony took the time to assess my situation and provided me the tools and guidance I needed to properly train my dog on my own. For that kind of honesty, I would give him 6 stars if I could. I'll definitely be going back for lessons with Anthony as I progress in my training abilities with my dog. His Vacaville property is huge and a great location for dogs to learn. Since it's in a quiet neighborhood it allows the dogs to stay focused and remain undistracted by outside influences as well.
Autumn S.
I brought my 6 month old Doberman for training. Kairo & I learned so much. We are walking away with the tools to communicate better. Kairo is much responsive to my commands. All my concerns for Kairo and his training where addressed. Thank you so much!
Cyndy M.
I couldn't recommend Powerhouse K9 enough! I have a 1-year-old Labrador, Haru who has some issues with fear, obedience, growling, and reactivity. This made day-to-day living difficult and walking almost impossible. Mr. Anthony was extremely responsive and helped us assess our complicated situation with my dog. Even with the first session, I could already see a difference with Haru. Thank you Mr. Anthony for the awesome training lessons, we now have a better understanding and control of Haru! Now I am able to work with Haru knowing exactly how to handle all sorts of situations that may occur in the process. I would also like to thank Mr. Glenn for giving us tips and guidance with Haru. This training not only helped my dog but also helped build my confidence on how to handle Haru the right way! If you have a dog that has any behavioral issues, please don't wait to call Mr. Anthony!
Shadow Ninja5844
We got a 2 year old rescue German shepherd. She had a hard time listening to commands when anyone or anything was around. Anthony took her for 3 weeks and taught her the basics and a lot of leash training. When I came to pick her up. He walked me through the training he did and showed me how to progress her training to off leash. He is very patient and knowledgeable.
Naritsugu S.
After 3 weeks of Camp, he has been changed significantly. I really recommend Anthony. He is very kind and real professional dog trainer.
Stephanie J.
If you are in need of a trained dog, please read this entire review. I'm going to give you background on our journey with our dog and what led us to powerhouse. We got our dog Loki one year ago this month. He is a German Shepherd mix we adopted. Im embarrassed to say we were completely ignorant to how active German Shepherds can be, and Loki was definitely hyper. He started off like all puppies, wanting to play and nipping. We tried our best to get an early start on training him at home, watched every YouTube video and read all the advice. He responded to some things, like sitting, laying down, and shaking but only when he was calm and only when we used our hands. By the time he was 6 months old we knew we needed help. He was growing into a pretty large dog and although he had the sweetest nature, his nipping never stopped, we couldn't go to the park without him pulling us all around, and jumping to play with other dogs, and at home he would jump up on us all the time. With a 7 year old son, it made it really difficult because we could never really have Loki off leash around him. I was also 6 months pregnant, and knew we couldn't keep things the way they were. In trying to save money, we hired a local trainer which was fine but made no real lasting change. Finally we hit a wall at 9 months, we couldn't give him what he needed for training which at this point meant we were living completely apart from him, which none of us wanted. Enter - Powerhouse. I cannot stress this enough - HIRE THIS MAN. THIS WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU EVER MAKE IN YOUR DOG. This is an investment in your dog, and in your family. If you are the type of person who considers your dog a family member, want him/her to be able to hang out with you, but them respectful and to respond when instructed to do something - this is your place. If you want to feel comfortable with your kids around your dog, this is your place. Loki spent 3 weeks with Anthony, and came back to us a respectful, and responsive dog. The exact same kind and loving demeanor but responsive. Like everyone has said Anthony will tell you what you need to do to maintain the training, which is honestly so easy, and he will also be very up front with you about his technique. I will say this clearly - if you don't train dogs for a living - please trust this man who does. His techniques work. Watch his Instagram videos, he knows what he is doing. I waited some time to write this because I wanted to make sure everything stuck. We picked up Loki Jan 22nd, almost 2 months ago now. Loki knows he can get away with a little more stuff with us, so he is not as perfectly trained as when we picked him up but he is still amazing. We do the work to maintain his training, and have reaped the benefits. He hangs out with us as a family, goes public places with us and behaves, is able to sit and stay when company comes over, doesn't jump up, and doesn't nip. The second picture is him hanging out with our son while he's doing school, this never would have been possible before. Our walks are enjoyable, all our time with him is enjoyable. Now he is still a puppy, and gets hyper like any dog but when told to do something he does. I have never been more happy to have spent money in my life. My husband and I at least once a week say - WORTH EVERY PENNY - and then some. We are thankful to Anthony for what he has done for our family and if we ever get another dog know where to go!
Eleanor N.
We have a one year old labradoodle, Ellee. She is full of energy and pulls us whenever we walk her. She would be so restless whenever she sees other dogs and pulls more. Im petite and she could tear my shoulders. Even my husband complains that walking her isn't fun anymore. She is super sweet and loving inside the house, but she becomes different whenever we go outside. I am so happy that she is now disciplined! 3 weeks ago, Anthony picked her up and tamed her. I felt that she needed that bootcamp! I cannot believe how Anthony changed her to be a better dog. Ellee can now heel, sit, stay and walks on my left side! I would recommend anyone having same issue with their dogs to contact Anthony.
Zhimei L.
Recently adopted a 1 year old Doberman who had never been really trained. He would literally walk us when going outside, dog aggression, and luging at people. All thanks to Anthony and the 21 day program, he's a totally different dog. Sits and heels on command during walks. No more luging or dog aggression. Our Doberman was quite stubborn but after the program he seems like a totally different dog.
Agnes Jing Taylor
I highly recommend Anthony for training! After 21 days, our Pitbull, Gotti, came home with a new attitude! He has a well mannered behavior that can be appreciated not just by us but has been complimented by other people in the public. Thank you so much, Anthony, for making life easier! We are so grateful and your work is impeccable! The Taylor's
We did alot of research with different board and trains b4 choosing. Just because a place is more expensive doesn't mean it's a better choice. Anthony is very passionate about training. His prices are very reasonable compared to the other entities. Our Pitbull, Shmokie is part of the family & I was skeptical about leaving him anywhere. Anthony made thes whole process easier for me W/video updates its like he on a playdate. He came home well mannered. Thank you Anthony
Well, where do I start? I got extremely lucky with meeting Anthony. I was looking for a dog trainer because my barely one year old German shepherd was showing overly aggressive behavior! And for no reason at all. I left for a deployment, leaving her with my boyfriend, who had no experience with dogs. By the time I came back, she hadn't received much socialization and the training I had given her went down the drain. She was still a sweetheart, but extremely disobedient. My dog has ADHD or something. I could take her on a walk for hours and she'd still bark at other dogs. She would get so aggressive towards them. It was EMBARRASSING. I'm tiny. Now imagine this monster dragging me around petsmart growling at every dog she sees. Ugh. I was giving up my patience with her and I just couldn't deal with trying to fix her and deal with transitioning back to a non deployed area. I looked for dog trainers left and right. None would take my dog because of her breed. Some CHARGED MORE because of her size. It was ridiculous. I called Anthony and he happened to be on the same street! Perfect timing and he took her that evening. He came and evaluated her. He had us tell him the issues we had with her and that was that. We signed some papers, a contract, and he told us how he would work with her and what he would be doing. We were surprised! He was able to accommodate us right then and there! That very same day! Not only that, but all he asked of us was her food. He boards dogs and trains them. Our dog needed some major rehabilitation. She was such a nervous wreck. And her "aggressive" behavior came from nerves and anxiety. We would visit her whenever we wanted. He'd let us know if he was in the area. He'd send us video updates and even call us about her. Whenever we met up, we got tips and pointers about how to handle her. Anthony is a behavioral genius when it comes to dogs. She came back to us a calm, well mannered dog. Not only that, but her basic obedience commands are ON POINT. Best price probably in all of California. He'll work your dog. He'll work on behavioral issues. Your dog will be mentally stimulated, safe, and exposed to the world. That is sooo important. It was well worth it. Thank you, Anthony. We'll be keeping in touch for advanced training now :)
Anthony did a great job with our dog Nina she was dog aggressive and we had anxiety issues. When he brought her back to us after 3 weeks she's totally changed. No more anxiety and she's not going after other dogs. This was one of the best things I think we could have done for our dog.
Anthony really knows his trade and is a dog whisperer, he understands them and works with them according to their personality and issues. Our 1 yr old husky, Ghost, had been spoiled since before we got him, he had a lot of anxiety issues and a lot of energy that was misplaced and hard to manage, we didn't have time to train him ourselves so we sought to put him in a training camp. This 3-week camp has been a lifesaver and Anthony has been nothing but a second home to Ghost. Our husky is very shy with other people but he was comfortable with Anthony while been handled, we were able to see first hand how he was going to work with our dog and we knew he was going to be in good hands. Anthony also showed us how he had worked with other dogs, the results of his training as well as his well trained pups, that just boosted our trust in him and we knew we had made the right choice. During the following weeks, we received updates, progress photos and videos, I really appreciated that he cared about keeping us informed about Ghost's progress, I was very proud to know that he would be done sooner than the established 3 week program. I also appreciated that he offered to drive out to meet us half way so we could avoid the afternoon traffic. He explained to us Ghost's personality and how to handle him the best, always follow his advice and do not give in to your dog's whimpers. Ghost is much better behaved, we understand each other, he is obedient and has a great relationship with his big sister back at home. Thank you Anthony for your training, becoming Ghost's friend and our mentor!!!!
This review is for the Powerhouse K9 3-week bootcamp. Let me tell you, it really works. The training works. But you MUST trust the system and follow what Anthony tells you to do. Otherwise, what's the point of sending your dog to go through bootcamp? My dog was a high anxiety shepherd that could never sit still and never listen on walks. Think of all those crazy/scared dogs you see on Cesar Millan. That's like my girl. We had her do some training to learn basic commands, but it didn't help her when she was around new people, new places, or other dogs. We were thinking about putting her in a bootcamp like training in the past but never did it, so we started looking for a dog training camp, and found Powerhouse K9. We got her back a week early -- turns out she was really good during training and learned to get over her anxiety as well as learn all the commands, without needing treats all the time. She's super well behaved and doesn't freak out around other dogs. She's usually very excited and likes to jump when she sees us, but she didn't do that when she saw us for the first time in 2 weeks. Instead, she was calm and very obedient. Anthony showed us how to do the commands and how to make sure she doesn't go back to her old ways when we picked her up. She even listens to her grandma's commands! Thank you Anthony, you did something awesome for our baby girl. Now we can take her everywhere and give her an even better life.
Our puppy has learned to sit in a matter of minutes- thank you powerhousek9 - we look forward to the results at the end of the training session